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Vegan Cheese

***Postal Customers – Save money on postage by ordering more than one cheese per order!***

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, I cannot post the cheeses overseas.

Vegan Cheese

Sounds like a paradox, right? But I have a selection of yummy ‘cheeses’ all made by yours truly, which are proving very popular with customers.

I now use a laboratory-grown vegan acidopholus in my cultured cheeses. While I like the idea of growing fermented lacto-bacillus from sprouted wheat grains (to produce rejuvelac), this may affect those allergic to gluten. In addition, using a wild organism carries some risk of introducing bad bacteria into the cheese. Not good. The acidopholus is safer and cleaner. It works exactly the same way as rejuvelac, giving a long-lasting, complex and tangy flavour. You will not find a commercial vegan cheese alternative which tastes as good as this, and the great thing is, it improves with age!

The cultured cheeses keep up to a month in the fridge, although they don’t need to, as they taste so good they won’t be around that long. We have four cultured cheeses available online: Sharp White Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, ‘Blue’ and Chevre, giving a great choice for sandwiches and cheeseboards alike. We also have an aged Stilton, which unfortunately takes a long time to produce and sells out quicker than I can make it!

Cashew Stilton

This vegan stilton has a creamy texture with the tangy, earthy flavour associated with dairy stilton. The tang comes from the probiotic acidopholous and lends a similar taste to that of dairy cheese. The cheeses are aged for seven weeks in closely-controlled conditions, and turned each day to ensure an even growth of the P. Roqueforti. Awesome on crackers or crumbled into a salad. Each is approximately 150g.

Please note that Penicillium Roqueforti, as part of the penicillium family, may affect those sensitive or allergic to penicillin. If you think you might have a reaction to this cheese, or have been explicitly advised by your doctor to avoid blue cheeses, please do not purchase.

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Cultured Vegan Cheeses

We have four cultured cheeses: Sharp White Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, ‘Blue’ and Chevre, giving a great choice for sandwiches and cheeseboards alike.

The cheeses are available on my stall or you can order  via paypal. They come in a 4″ ‘wheel’ for £5.00 (approx 150g) each.

Sharp White Cheddar

This cheese has a complex, long-lasting tang created by the pro-biotic acidopholus. The nutritional yeast, gluten-free miso, mustard and onion powder combine to create a flavour reminiscent of dairy cheddar.  The silky-smooth texture makes it great to slice or spread on crackers or crusty bread. Crumble into mash or white sauce to give it a cheesy tang. The cheese breaks down when heated and goes toasty, creating a crusty layer of flavour on pizza or lasagne.

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Smoked White Cheddar

This cheese uses the same recipe as the Sharp White Cheddar, with the addition of a little liquid smoke. It’s then rolled in smoked paprika to give it an extra-smoky flavour that looks great on a cheese board.
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‘Blue’ Cheese

The ‘blue’ in this cheese comes from spirulina, and the blend of ingredients gives it a salty,nutty flavour similar to blue cheese, but without the mould. It has the same long-lasting tang as the Sharp White Cheddar. Delicious served with apples or grapes, just like dairy blue cheese.

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This is a non-goat cultured goat’s cheese with a milder taste than the Sharp White or Blue. It comes in herb-covered rolls approximately 150g each, which are great for dinner parties or a sneaky snack.

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Other Cheeses

Vegan Parma Cheese

This cheese does not use acidopholus, but contains vegan lactic acid for the tang. This cheese is best kept frozen for grating. It can be used in pesto, grated onto a spag bol or soup, or chopped into salads. In my opinion, better than dairy parmesan, but I might be very slightly biased.

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