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Sounds like a paradox, right? But we have a selection of yummy ‘cheeses’ on our stall, made ourselves, which are proving very popular with customers.

Rejuvelac is a vegan ferment made from sprouted wheat grains. The active organism is lactobaccilus, the same bacteria responsible for the tang in dairy cheese, though ours have never been anywhere near a dairy product! It’s a naturally occurring bacteria which can also be found in kimchi and sauerkraut. The rejuvelac works with the ingredients in our cheese to give a long-lasting, complex and tangy flavour. You will not find a commercial vegan cheese alternative which tastes as good as this, and the great thing is, it improves with age! We now have a selection of cultured and aged vegan cheeses made with rejuvelac. They keep up to a month in the fridge, although it doesn’t need to, as it tastes so good it won’t be around that long. We have three cultured cheeses: Sharp White Cheddar, ‘Blue’ and Chevre, giving a great choice for sandwiches and cheeseboards alike. New to our range are our aged cashew cheeses, Stilton and Camembert.

Aged Vegan Cheeses

We are now producing aged cashew-based cheeses. These use rejuvelac and salt as preserving agents and traditional mould (Penicillium Roqueforti and Penicillium Candidum) for flavour.

Cashew Stilton

This vegan stilton has a creamy texture with the tangy, earthy flavour associated with dairy stilton. The tang comes from rejuvelac and lends a similar taste to that of dairy cheese. The cheeses are aged for seven weeks in closely-controlled conditions, and turned each day to ensure an even growth of the P. Roqueforti. Awesome on crackers or crumbled into a salad. Each is approximately 150g.

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Cashew Camembert

Still in production.


Cultured Vegan Cheeses

We have three cultured cheeses: Sharp White Cheddar, ‘Blue’ and Chevre, giving a great choice for sandwiches and cheeseboards alike.

The cheeses are available on my stall or you can order  via paypal. They come in a 4″ ‘wheel’ for £5.00 (approx 150g) each.

Sharp White Cheddar

Rejuvelac and a little time gives this cheese a complex, long-lasting tang.  The silky-smooth texture makes it great to spread on crackers or crusty bread.

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‘Blue’ Cheese

The ‘blue’ in this cheese comes from spirulina, and the blend of ingredients gives it a slightly nutty flavour with a deeper note, but the same long-lasting tang as the Sharp White Cheddar. Delicious served with apples or grapes, just like dairy blue cheese.

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This is a non-goat cultured goat’s cheese with a milder taste than the Sharp White or Blue. It comes in herb-covered rolls approximately 150g each, which are great for dinner parties and can be purchased through paypal.

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Other Cheeses

Vegan Parma Cheese

This cheese does not contain rejuvelac and uses vegan lactic acid for the tang. This cheese is best kept frozen for grating. It can be used in pesto, grated onto a spag bol or soup, or chopped into salads. In my opinion, better than dairy parmesan, but I might be very slightly biased.

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Our cooked cheeses use kappa carageenan as a setting agent. This allows the cheese to melt beautifully and its mild, nutty flavour is highly reminiscent of French brie. It is formed into a large wheel and cut into wedges. Approximately 150g each.

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Similar to the Brie, with the added earthiness of shiitake mushroom oil. Approximately 150g each, they come in 4″ wheels at £5.00 each.

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