From Nature

Locally-made vegan food


Seitan is made from vital wheat gluten and makes an amazing soy-free meat substitute. We add vegan pea protein to ensure you don’t miss out on those essential amino acids. All my seitan products are kept frozen and should be refrigerated until used.

Spicy BBQ Fibs

100g packs of  seitan ‘ribs’ with a 150ml portion of tangy barbecue sauce. These ribs are delicious! Coat in the sauce and bake until bubbly.



Our vegan version of pastrami is coloured with fresh beetroot. Looks like pastrami, tastes like pastrami. No cruelty. Sold in 100g packs and sliced ready for sandwiches or for shredding onto salad.



Delicious chopped into stews and chillies or sliced onto pizza and topped with our delicious cheese, this plant-based chorizo tastes like the real thing.

Approximately 100g each


We now have two new seitan products.

Smoky Fake’n

Striped seitan flavoured with liquid smoke to give it a smoky bacon flavour. Brush with oil and fry to get a crispy bacon sandwich or add to a full english. Yum.



Loaves of chicken-flavour seitan marinaded in ‘Tastes Like Chick’n’ flavour and roasted to perfection.

Varies – Between £2.00 – £4.00/loaf depending on size







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