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Natural Syrups

Using foraged and natural ingredients, we produce a range of delicious syrups. They can be used for drizzling over ice cream or yoghurt, pouring over ice with sparkling water for a fizzy alternative refreshment, as a hot beverage, a drizzle over cakes and puddings, or as a cocktail mixer at party time.

Sloe Syrup

syrupsSloe berries are notoriously astringent and not good to eat fresh. Most of us are familiar with the popular sloe gin, but have you tried sloe syrup on your pancakes? This syrup has all the taste of sloe, but none of the mouth-puckering sourness. Used as a mixer with gin, you get instant sloe gin, or you can offer it to a designated driver or tee-total guest with sparkling water, as an alternative to lemonade or cola. The sloes we use are foraged from traffic-clean areas of Taunton.


rosehip-syrupRosehip Syrup

Rosehips are so rich in Vitamin C (50 times the equivalent of oranges), the British government ordered 500 tons of them to be harvested during WWII, to keep people healthy. Many of us will remember being given spoonfuls of Rose Hip Syrup as children, to ward off winter colds, and now have fond memories of it. This syrup is made using a traditional recipe, and tastes exactly like the Rose Hip Syrup doled out during the hard days of the 1940s and 50s. Besides the traditional red/orange briar rosehips, I also forage for ‘black’ rosehips, which give the syrup a dark, velvety taste.


Rose and Cardamom Syrup

This syrup is Turkish Delight in liquid form. Natural rose petals combined with cardomom’s musky perfume. Roses are part of the apple family, and all parts are edible, as well as delicious. Use as a drizzle on cakes or as a unique flavouring in drinks and punches.

Ginger Syrup

Warm and velvety, our ginger syrup is made with fresh ginger and a hint of lemon. It’s a great mixer for Pimms, and wonderful poured over ice cream, or drizzled onto ginger cake.

Natural Cola

Like the cola taste but not the chemicals? This syrup is made from fresh limes, lemons and oranges, with a range of spices like vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix with sparkling water and ice for a healthier version of this favourite refreshment.

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