Ferments and Hummus

I am unable to send any of my fermented products through the post. Please do not order if you are not local to Taunton, Somerset.

Fermented food contains lots of natural probiotic microbes – a living food. The fermenting process imparts a fizzy tang unlike pickled foods, and in combination with the high-quality ingredients I use, make a healthy, delicious and nutritious combo.


Kimchi originates in Korea and forms part of the national diet there. Koreans like it hot and spicy, and while I do add a lot of chilli, my kimchi is milder than you’d find in its native country. The dish contains leafy cabbage, carrots and spring onions fermented in a sweet-spicy sauce with lots of garlic. Add to burgers or as a side-dish with salads.

Keep refrigerated and it will last 2 to 3 weeks.

A 125g pot is £2.50
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Kombucha originates from China and has been brewed there since 220 BC. It is made from sweetened tea, fermented with a yeast and bacterial ‘mother’ known as a scoby, and flavoured with fruits and spices.

A 125g pot is £1.50. Decant into a glass to drink.
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My hummus is made by hand and full of gluten-free goodness with hints of garlic, tahini and lemon juice. Delicious on a jacket potato, a side dish or as a dip.

Plain Hummus

No bells or whistles, this is just hummus.

£2.50/125g pot
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Chipotle Hummus

Chipotle chillies gives this hummus a spicy, smoky kick.

£2.50/125g pot
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