1,Taunton-Shopping,IWP_040709_6735From Nature is based in the beautiful and historic market town of Taunton, Somerset.

We’re a home kitchen producer located in Taunton itself.


Should you wish to contact us, please email .

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Hi I bought a chocolate cake and a Christmas cake from your stall last week. The chocolate cake isn’t going to be eaten until next week, would if be best kept in the fridge until then?
Many thanks
Kind regards


Hi. The seitan products are available on my stall. If you are local to Taunton, you can pick them up there.

Since they are wheat-based, they don’t last very long out of the fridge, so sending them out by post means they’d have a very short shelf life once they arrive. I vac-pack most of them, but that would still only give around 7 days, as they’d be unrefrigerated for the time they’re in transit. For that reason, I’m reluctant to sell them online.

I’m sorry, as I hate disappointing people, but at present I don’t have a reliable way to send them in a refrigerated condition.



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