Online and Local Deliveries

Due to the coronavirus, all my markets and events have had to be cancelled. Since I know many people local to me will still be looking for my vegan cheese, pasties and other goodies, I’ve updated my website to incorporate a local delivery service.

Since it’s just me, I’m not able to both produce food and deliver it on a daily basis, so I’ve decided to make a once-a-week delivery slot to anyone who orders from me from the Taunton area. That way, I can keep making my delicious food and still get it to you on the same day you would normally get it from the market.

The delivery slot will be in the evening on Thursdays, and I can really only deliver around Taunton or the immediate area – Wellington being about the furthest I can get to at a reasonable time.

I’ve had to adjust my prices a bit, and there’s a small delivery charge to cover fuel and time. Payment is via PayPal, but I will accept contactless card payments on delivery if you don’t have a paypal account.

I do hope this new service is helpful and something you’d like to use.

As a micro-business, things are very difficult right now. Your support will help me keep going so I’m still there (as a business) after the virus threat has passed.

Please have a look at my new pages. There are pasties and samosas, my cheeses (of course!), sweets, kimchi, kombucha and hummus. If this thing is more long-winded than expected, and the interest is there, I may also resume making my seitan products, too.

To all my regular and valued customers, and to those who might discover me through this service, I hope you all stay well and safe during this highly unusual, difficult and worrying time.

Martine Ashe

Environment Products

Non GMO Tofu

tofuFrom Nature’s health bars and leathers are popular with buyers, but at around £1.00 each, I have to sell a lot of them to make the business thrive.

That being the case, I’m always looking for new things I can create to promote nature and animal-free cooking, which will also offer something awesome for my customers. I also have to bear in mind that, being on a farmer’s market, I don’t want to put pressure on other traders by duplicating what they sell and setting up unecessary competition.

This week, I’m thinking fresh Tofu. Freshly-made tofu created from whole soya beans. Shop bought tofu simply can’t compare. I’m aiming to start with firm tofu, as that stays fresh for longer, and can freeze should my customers want to do that. It also gives me the option to make something I love – tofu jerky. Yup.  Smoky and chewy strips of tofu to add to dishes or eat on its own.

Research into the world of Tofu making has brought home the fact that a large proportion of the world’s soya beans are now genetically modified. The constant need humans have to ‘improve’ on nature to make a bigger buck is astonishing. Why screw with perfection?  Nature has spent billions of years making the best products it can and, within a couple of decades, humans have managed to render all that time and effort pointless. I say humans.  In reality, it’s the massive corporations who, like all bullies, want to be the biggest boy in the playground.

I’ve managed to find a souce of soya beans which claims to be GMO free.  I can only trust to trading standards to guarantee that the claim is true.

It will take a little while for me to get the equipment together, but come and visit my stall in Taunton’s High Street on Thursdays to check on my progress.

Health Herbs Products

Cardamom – The Punchy Beverage

cardamomIf you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to accidently chomp on a whole one of these when munching an Indian take-out, you’ll know this spice is packed with flavour. It has a wonderful perfume and taste, but so strong you don’t really want to eat one whole.

But did you know Cardamom is not only a rich source of flavour and aroma, it has many health benefits and can be drunk as a tea? Here are some good reasons why you should drink Cardamom tea.

  • Fights Free Radicals
  • Boosts Blood Circulation to the Skin
  • Fixes Skin Problems
  • Strengthens Hair
  • Protects the Scalp
  • Soothes itchy, irriatated scalp
  • Breath freshener
  • High in Vitamins A, B, C, riboflavin and a good source of minerals and other nutrients
  • Reduces risk of hypertension
  • Relieves headache
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Detoxifies and boosts immunity
  • Clears nausea
  • Improves sex life

For an introduction to the joy of Cardamom tea, try our blend of Rose Petals and Cardamom.Buy Now Button


Taunton Farmer’s Market

Well, we’ve found a new home, and one which suits us, and it, better than the general market.  Taunton Farmer’s Market is a foodie’s heaven with foods ranging from artisan breads, to wild-foraging chickens and ducks.  This fits beautifully with our ethic of promoting the natural countryside as a rich source of food, the freer the better.

While we’re still working on getting the stall up to a more professional standard, things have improved since our first humble attempt at a market stall back in the hollow days of early January.

Me on the left there, trying to look important.
Our range of home made herbal teas.









Our teas.  Let’s see.  There’s wild-foraged mallow, dandelion, nettle and home grown peppermint.

Jasmin and Lavender are my own invention.  (Flower Teas, whoda thunk!)  Even more delicious (and popular) is the near-esoteric rose and cardamom.  Then there’s raspberry leaf, rose leaf and hawthorn leaf ( all foraged) and a few other unique blends which make Tea From Nature something really special.  Some of these teas come into our hands still wet with dew, and end up in our handmade teabags washed, dried, chopped and carefully blended.

20150212_091407We do a variety of awesome fruit leathers, which look and sound pretty strange, but are 100% delicious.  We have Strawberry, Blackberry & Apple, Apple, Plum and Apricot varieties.

Fruit leather is a form of specially-prepared dried fruit, which relies on lack of moisture as a preservative.  They keep for up to a year once we’ve packed them.  Where possible we avoid adding sugar, but sometimes the fruit may be particularly tart, which can make them less appealing to younger people.  When this happens, we add around 1 tbsp sugar to 500g fresh fruit.

Our yummy Strawberry Fruit Leather.

The leathers are great as lunchbox snacks and several of our customers have already discovered that their children prefer them to other healthy (and not so healthy) options.

20150212_091417We make a variety of herbal and fruit sweets which have the benefit of no artificial additives. Sugar is their only preservative.

Currently we offer Sloe Candy, Cola Cubes (which aren’t actually cubic), Throat Soothers containing hoarhound herb, and Cold Comfort with coltsfoot.  For the medicinal sweets we also add essential oils like aniseed, menthol, eucalyptus and clove to boost their effectiveness.  Once our own herbs start growing again (soon, I hope), we’ll be making night-cap sweets containing vervain and lemon balm, which will help you nod off at night.20150212_091413

We’ve a selection of orgasmic syrups and sauces including Sloe Syrup (pour a little in a shot of gin for instant sloe gin) and rosehip syrup (a traditional daily spoonful can boost your Vit C intake).  They can also be added to hot or cold water as a cordial, or drizzled on porridge, yogurt or ice cream for a hit of deliciousness.

Our Mexican style hot sauce delivers quite a punch.  Containing birds-eye and cayenne chillies, along with cumin and cocoa powder, it’s slow-cooked for 24 hours until it’s concentrated and dark.  Use drizzled on salad or burgers, as a base for your own chilli, or as a dip.

Our Chinese style hot sauce is sweet as well as spicy.  With thai chillis and ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil, it has a deep, hot flavour you can add to stir-fries, wraps or use as a dipping sauce.

20150212_091336We offer a range of baked goods.  From Bountie Bars which use cacao, coconut and dates to Flaxseed and cashew-nut deliciousness, these bars are both gluten-free and vegan.

20150212_091341Our florentines are a decadent treat that celiacs and vegans, as well as those who don’t have to worry about ingredients, can all enjoy.

We replace the wheatflour with ground almonds, which not only makes them gluten-free, but even yummier than the traditional pastry.

We will soon be offering vegan and gluten-free brownies, including a peanut-swirl variety, using our own vegan chocolate substitute and ground almonds.

20150212_091420Also on the menu in our ‘bakery’ department are vegan and gluten-free pasties.  Currently we make curry-flavoured varieties and lentil empanadas.

So, whether you want something delicious or different, or have a restricted diet, there’s something for you at our stall.  Come along and see for yourself.