Taunton Farmers Market

Allium_ursinum0If you don your wellies for a tramp through the woods today, you’re likely to come across swathes of lush green leaves starred with delicate white flowers. Before you trip over them, though, you’ll be alerted to their presence by a strong garlicky smell.

Wild garlic, also known as Bears Garlic, Ramsons or Ramps, is currently enjoying its moment in the sun. It has a very short season, so if you love its mellow garlic taste you’ll need to be quick. Blink, and it’ll be gone.

Once you have your carrier bag (or, if you’re greedy like me, bin bag) full of pungent leaves, what do you do with it? Storing it is a problem, since, like most green vegetables, it won’t keep for long, even in the fridge. You can freeze it, but comes out looking like smelly cooked spinach. So, before you go down that road, how about…

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