A Vegan Tipple

hedgerow_sangriaChristmas just isn’t the same without a drink to wash down that nut roast with, and what could be better than a glass of vegan wine made from local hedgerow and garden products?

I was delighted to discover an awesome producer at a recent event. VQ Country Wines are based in the Forest of Dean and make a rainbow selection of delicious alcohol that’s both vegan and gluten free.

Here’s what they say about their wines:

We use traditional British wine making techniques, adding no artificial colours or tastes, letting nature do all the work for us. Some would say lazy, others ingenious, we prefer to go by the latter.

We produce small batches at a time allowing for greater quality control and we regularly taste test our batches throughout their fermentation to make sure they are consistent in flavours and appearance. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

We believe in old school, fair and local ethics and that’s why each component in our production, from bottles to corks and labels to shrink wraps, has been researched thoroughly and chosen because of a number of morally right reasons, not just because of price.


Fruit wines do not fall into red, white or rose classifications because the colour comes from the fruit rather than the skin of grapes. This leaves you with a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours to choose from, and caters for a range of tastes from sweet and light to dark and full-bodied.

Don’t go without your Christmas tipple this year, get a bottle or three of these natural, delicious and vegan wines to add some sparkle to the festivities.

By Martine Lillycrop

Self-published writer of High Tide in the City and 2nd Life of Bethany Sweet. Staff writer on Writers Anon Taunton and (bizarrely) a vegan caterer who makes cheese from all kinds of weird stuff.

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