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Non GMO Tofu

tofuFrom Nature’s health bars and leathers are popular with buyers, but at around £1.00 each, I have to sell a lot of them to make the business thrive.

That being the case, I’m always looking for new things I can create to promote nature and animal-free cooking, which will also offer something awesome for my customers. I also have to bear in mind that, being on a farmer’s market, I don’t want to put pressure on other traders by duplicating what they sell and setting up unecessary competition.

This week, I’m thinking fresh Tofu. Freshly-made tofu created from whole soya beans. Shop bought tofu simply can’t compare. I’m aiming to start with firm tofu, as that stays fresh for longer, and can freeze should my customers want to do that. It also gives me the option to make something I love – tofu jerky. Yup.  Smoky and chewy strips of tofu to add to dishes or eat on its own.

Research into the world of Tofu making has brought home the fact that a large proportion of the world’s soya beans are now genetically modified. The constant need humans have to ‘improve’ on nature to make a bigger buck is astonishing. Why screw with perfection?  Nature has spent billions of years making the best products it can and, within a couple of decades, humans have managed to render all that time and effort pointless. I say humans.  In reality, it’s the massive corporations who, like all bullies, want to be the biggest boy in the playground.

I’ve managed to find a souce of soya beans which claims to be GMO free.  I can only trust to trading standards to guarantee that the claim is true.

It will take a little while for me to get the equipment together, but come and visit my stall in Taunton’s High Street on Thursdays to check on my progress.

By Martine Lillycrop

Science fiction author. I write about worlds that could be and worlds that never were. My books are full of action, adventure and suspense along with cool heroes and likeable villains. Join me on an adventure to worlds unseen, along paths untrodden.

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