From Nature specialises in handmade vegan food, with many of our ingredients sourced in our home county of Somerset.  Our food is free of all animal products, which means those with lactose or egg intolerances and allergies can also safely eat our foods.

If you’re vegan and you miss the tangy taste of cheese, the From Nature’s cultured cashew cheese selection is one of our top sellers, including sharp cheddar, smoky cheddar, parmesan-style and ‘goats’ cheese. We also offer a ready-to-eat selection of pasties and fudge suitable for those who follow a cruelty-free diet.

You can find our cheeses at Frome Wholefoods, Seasons in Exeter, The Green House in Ilminster, Plantside in Wellington and Ceres in Yeovil.

As awareness of climate change and environmental pressure has increased, we endeavour to make our packaging recyclable or re-useable.

Due to the restrictions following the Coronavirus outbreak we are currently not doing markets or events. The warm weather during summer also means sending by post is not suitable for our products at present. 




6 replies on “About”

Hi! Bought your Mistrami, chorizo, “goats cheese” and “brie” on Thurs and I absolutely loved every piece of it. All so wonderful.
Is it possible to order items and pay & pick up on the nearest Thursday at the market in Taunton?


Hello. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to this. I thought my website was set to alert me for any messages, but obviously not :(.

I’m so glad you liked my products. Yes, you can order items and I will hold them back in my cold box for you to collect on a Thursday and you can pay at the time. I just need a day or so notice, but given that I don’t always remember to check my website for messages, it might be safer to email me at fromnatureuk@hotmail.com. I will send my reply to your email address, too, just in case this message doesn’t automatically come through to you.



My vegan son has just treated me to a tiny bit of your vegan blue cheese bought yesterday in Frome; very nice! Cheese and eggs are my addiction but this might help me to overcome it!


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